Lovely beaches

In Kerteminde you can enjoy your holidays at 2 fantastic beaches.

On the north side of the city, the North Beach stretches for several kilometers from the marina and all the way to the campsite. The beach is child friendly with low water and is among the best in Funen. In July and August there are lifeguards on the beach, who from the characteristic red and white tower watching the bathing guests.

On the south side of Kerteminde lies the South Beach with the cozy, small bath houses. Here the water gets a little quicker deep, but on the other hand there are a few fewer bathers, so you can easily find a quiet place.

Holiday homes in Kerteminde as well as homes for artisans and project workers in Southern Denmark.


Hyrdevej 83
5300 Kerteminde


(+45) 22 77 18 60